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Ahhh...some time...

Amazing how valuable you learn time really is. So...Joe was a sweetheart in upgrading my OS from crappy little ME to wonderful, fabulous MS 2000 Pro!!! YES!!!

Though there is a great deal going on I am slightly at a loss at where to start. Let's see...I think I will pick the easiest thing first...School


School proves to be a very rough quarter. I have so much homework and so many things to learn I want to shoot myself :(
First off, there is my CSSE 320 class, programming is being down in Java, so I have to learn the syntax within 4 days as a program is due this Friday. The teacher who is teaching the class is a wonderful teacher I had her for CSSE 152 and the program in that class were in C++. So all she is doing is using those program from CSSE 152 and reusing them here. Therefore, the program shouldn't be too hard as I have already written the program in C, so all I have to do is transfer it Java code. Dammit, why can't C me portable??

CSSE 488 is not too bad, we have project group meetings and within this quarter we are to have a prototype of a database, however in doing so, I also need to learn Perl, Mason, and mySQL. (sigh) Lovely, hmm?

ECIS 469 this is a totally awesome class! Thus far I have learned HTML (which I already knew) however next week the teacher is teaching XML! YES YES YES So I am very, very excited obviously!

I will talk about the rest tomorrow I am getting kinda sleepy...

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