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More as promised...

ECON 310 - this class might be easy...but then again it might be hard because I don't remember a damn thing from ECON 260 and ECON 310 is a continuation from that class so I guess I better start learning it pretty damn quick!

I have been attempting my program for CSSE 320 and I don't know why people say Java is easier than C++ I am finding it much harder to understand. I found C++ to be much easier and simpler in terms of coding. (sigh)


Well...for part-time it isn't going too good, people don't want to hire me because I will not be permanent, they see my graduation date and say "forget it". Oh well...I am expecting a call from a bank soon hopefully. I applied for quite a few bank teller positions and I have received a call from the head HR person in Bellevue that someone in the U District will be giving me a call on my résumé so here's hoping for the best! (cross fingers)

As for full-time it is going as well as part-time. However, as I have stated earlier I will be a phone interview this Thursday so I am very grateful and excited about that!


He is so sweet...yesterday was our 3 month...lol...yes I do count until the 1 year point and from that point it is just yearly and it is cute because Eric humors me and goes along with it. He took me to the place where we had our first date.

(Sigh) continue later...

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