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Not too much...

to report that's new...I had my job interview today and after having it I really want this job! I got really good vibes from talking to the HR person. It was like no job interview that I have ever had in my life! I wish I could take it again...not because I enjoyed it, but because I think I could have answered some of the questions better. Anyway, I really want this job. If I get it I will start after graduationg and will be in Lincoln, Nebraska for 2 months for training. Then, if I am lucky I will be sent back home to Seattle, if I am not so lucky I will be sent to Irvine, CA...

I will also have a job interview tomorrow for a part-time job, hopefully that will go well. I will know in about 3 business days if I have gotten the job from Nebraska, perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up, but I really want to stay positive about this. After my 2 month training I will have an Executive mentor, then the company will decide from my talents and skills where I will be best places, in sales or in the strategic consulting side (I want the consulting side!).

I also have a quiz today in my ECON class in about 35 more minutes...I am crossing my fingers for that to go well... :)I really want to work hard this quarter and do everything well. Hmmm...I should probably get back to studying for my quiz, but it is nice to kind of write in here...I was beginning to think I had writer's block!

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