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I am soooo happy! I have found a part-time position...yea me!!! I was getting worried I would have to start co-mingling funds! lol...

So I am working for an architecture company and will be doing some Office Assistant type work.

I don't recall mentioning this but I have interviewed for a few full-time positions. There were some on-campus interviews at University of Washington (I know, I attend Seattle University) and I am fortunate enough to know one of the HR persons who was interviewing and she set me up with an interview with her. From that process she filtered out people to meet with a technical person who interviewed me the following day. I will know by the beginning of March or end of February if I get to do another interview at the home office. :) YES YES YES...oh...and the positions are Associate Business Analyst and Associate Quality Analyst.

I have to go, I have a quiz in 3 minutes! ;)
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