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Ok...so I told Eric yesterday as much as I love being with him and all, I am just not sure if I want to be with him forever. The reasons are because I do not feel that in the future he will be on the same level as me in the recreational department. I like to go out and do things frequently, dancing, hiking, etc...and he likes to sit in and do homework. Well...I am curious as to see what would happen after he graduates (next year) and gets a job. I do love him and care for him, but I am up for living now, not after graduation...

He doesn't want to lose me...and I don't want to lose him, he not a bad guy, or a bad boyfriend for that matter, I just don't feel like he is the one for me at this moment. He is very determined to prove me wrong that he can be fun and wants to do stuff...he has told me countless times before this moment that he is like that, so we will see...

Then he asked me to marry him after I told him that I am not sure if I want to be with him forever...(sigh) Well...what can a girl do? (shrug) He told me he would go buy the ring tomorrow...I told him to take back the proposal because he is just asking me to marry him because he doesn't want to lose me...

He took it back and wanted to know when I would be ready to be with him forever...
I told him when will he propose to me when he is ready to get married, not because he is afraid of losing me.

I do love him very much...

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