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Pretty good start...

on things that I need to finish soon...I am waiting for my liasons approval on the UI and than I am going to finish building the various pages and then put it into the design document.

So here is what i have left...

CSSE 320
  • Program 5
  • Review Notes
  • Gather questions
  • Maybe read the chapters that I should have? Doubtful...

CSSE 488
  • Design Doc
  • Review database

ECIS 469
  • Study for final Quiz
  • Study for Practical Exam
  • Create XML site

ECON 310
  • Study for final Quiz
  • Finish Case 2

Hoping to finish everything for ECON by tomorrow...everything for ECIS by Wednesday except for the ECIS site, which my group and I will hopefully have finished by Saturday.

Would like to understand what the hell Program 5 is about...and I want to have reveiw my notes and write questions by Wednesday...hmm...not bad...not bad...I just have a lot of work ahead of me.

On a more personal note I need to get ready for my Interview on the 21st... :)

Personally...I think it is fate for me to get this job...I have my fingers crossed, there are so many coincedences! :)

  1. When I first started choosing which project I wanted to do for Senior Project I thought that working for Amazon would help me in my Business Systems Analyst growth, but instead I end up working with Quality Assurance Analysts.
  2. I found out about the position about 2 days before the open house was supposed to be, I was also supposed to have turned in a resume by December. Fortunately since I have a scholarship from SAFECO there was some money confusion and I found out about it in the nick of time!
  3. The HR person called me two times to let me know I had my option of March 14th or March 28th for my interview, then calls me back to let me know she was mistaken it is on the 21st or the 28th. YES! I wanted it on the 21st because the 20th is my last day of finals! :)
  4. I called her for some advice and she gave me a whole slew of ideas on what could be asked of me... :)

Yes me! Things are going good. I also went dancing this Saturday...fun fun fun! Okay...I need to finish the things on that list up there for school!

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