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So damn tired...

Well...didn't end up writing...picked up David, we went back to my house and he helped me clean out my closet, believe it or not it took about 2 hours. I had no idea I had so much crap. It is sort of nice though, my closet looks so spiffy...hahaha.

Got to school around 1AM and studied until 2:30AM, where I ended up falling asleep from about 1.5 hours. So around 4AM, some people from my class came in and I ended up studying with them for the next 4. So far, I have studied quite a bit for my ECON 310, and I think if I just glance over it after my ECIS 469 final I should be okay. My ECIS 469 final is in about 2.5 hours and I really want to get started on that as I haven't yet.

David also gave me a mock interview yesterday and he said it seemed like I am doing pretty well. I don't want to jinx it, but I am so excited. I think I am in the top 8 candidates for a position because there are only 8 positions and I found out that there are only 8 people interviewing...hahahaha...funny, huh? So I figure, perhaps we are the top 8 and the only way I can screw this up is if I am late, or they just hate me, but who could hate me? ;)

I have been studying my ass off for this interview amongst other things...hahaha...I started to fall asleep during the final at 8AM, talk about BAD! Fortunately, I had an espresso chocolate bar left and ate some of that while taking the test. Unfortunately, I think I am at the stage where all the caffeine couldn't help me; I am just too damn tired.

Oh...and one more thing...I have to make more damn web-pages...I guess I better get started on studying, maybe I can come back tomorrow to make the web-pages...

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